A walking tour of Sutherland’s Architecture

Sutherland’s pioneers quarried the area’s distinctive grey stone for many of their buildings and architectural features, such as walls, gateposts and reservoirs. Building methods varied from dry packed stone to large dressed blocks, set in pointed mortar. Read more

Sterland Stargazing Dates for 2016 Read more

So when does it snow in Sutherland?

Each year 100s of travellers are drawn to the magic of Sutherland’s snow. But when does it actually snow in Sutherland? When is the best time to go? If these are the questions you’ve been asking - search no further! Read more

Easter weekend tours

If you are spending the Easter weekend in Sutherland, the following information on observatory visits and stargazing tours may be useful to you. Read more

Every year the community of Sutherland gathers for a big event called ‘Die Dankfees’. This is a time to raise funds for the local NG church, but more than that to celebrate the community that developed around this church, as part of the town’s main function. Read more

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