“Learning to sell a dry South African space”

A newspaper clipping sent to me by post evoked thoughts about the past and the future of our generation. Read more

A nostalgic coffeeshop opened

After opening a coffeeshop on the 1st of August, trial and error has been the name of the game, but so far things have been going well. Read more

This weekend I had a taste of what Sutherland experiences are made of. Early on Saturday morning, my hubby and I set off by car to take photos at the scenic Ouberg Pass. Read more

Still Adjusting to Sutherland’s Winters

Waking up in Sutherland is still new and can be quite something if you are a little ‘sensitive’ to cold weather. As a new resident of this beautiful little town, one can say that I am still ‘adjusting’. Read more

Sutherland is in the Northern Cape, part of a huge semi-desert in the middle of South Africa. The word “Karoo” derives from the language of an aboriginal people called the Khoi and broadly translates as “hard, dry, thirstland”. But it was not always dry. The Karoo was once a vast, inland sea. Read more

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