A race to remember

“It will be a race I’ll never forget, not just because I had a good day on the bike but also because of the whole race experience. The incorporation of Sutherland makes it super special. It must be the friendliest one street town in Africa. That place completely chilled me out to be able ride the 240km’s. 240km’s can never be easy, but it is a manageable 240km’s. The inclusion of the monster Skittery climb really set the route up for some exciting racing.

When the pain set in, the smiley faces and helpfulness of the checkpoint staff really helped keep the motivation up. The ice in the coke at cp5 was definitely up there as a highlight!
The hard day in the saddle couldn’t have ended at a better place; Kaleo farm. The relaxed vibe and roesterkoek boerewors rolls definitely helped ease the sore body.

I felt such a sense of accomplishment crossing the line in the Western Cape, having cycled all the way from the Northern Cape.

Thank you very much for the effort you guys put into making it such an unforgettable event.”


By: thanking TIMOTHY HAMMOND for his feedback  | Published: 11/04/2013

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