A time to be grateful

Every year the community of Sutherland gathers for a big event called ‘Die Dankfees’. This is a time to raise funds for the local NG church, but more than that to celebrate the community that developed around this church, as part of the town’s main function.

And over the weekend of the 25th of October 2014, the Dankfees will take place again. What an excellent opportunity to visit this beautiful town, meet its people and experience their culture. October is not the warmest month, but weatherwise, temperatures are much more moderate, although evenings can be chilly. Stargazing is good throughout the year and the Observatory open over weekends - so why not make the Dankfees a good enough reason for that weekend getaway to Sutherland.

Yes, there are definitely bigger church bazaars out there - it is not the same kind of bazaar that Cape Town or Johannesburg or even Robertson, would offer you, but it certainly is a once in a lifetime experience. Buy enough Karoo lamb to stock your fridge, buy a bit of bric-a-brac souvenirs, taste the local puddings and masterchef quality pancakes. For the children there are usually some activities, including face-paints and a jumping castle, as well as a table filled with interestingly packaged sweets and hand-made toys. You never know what gems you would find.  The greatest gem of all though is the experience of a town (a changing one), where people still hold true to traditions and values and within the sometimes negative context of our South Africa - they make the time to show that they are ‘grateful’ for the blessings they have.

Photos to be posted soon.

Here is a schedule if you’d like to attend:

Dankfees Basaar, 24 - 26 Oktober/October 2014

Vrydag/Friday, 24/10
Kry ons sommer heeeerlike Wegneem Etes by die Kerksaal….
Hamburgers en chips soos net Hilda en Arrie dit kan maak.

Buy a delicious Takeaways at the Church Hall…
Hamburgers and Chips made with lots of love by Hilda and Arrie.

Saterdag/Saturday   25/10 Dis Basaar tyd!!! /It’s Bazaar Time!
Die vure sal seker van so 5uur die oggend al brand vir ons heerlike braaivleis, maar daar gaan ook Biltong en Droëwors wees hierdie jaar.  Natuurlik staan almal gereed – nog voordat Ds amen gesê het   - by die spoggerige gebak soos net ons Sutherlanders dit kan doen!!!
Kinders word defnitief nie afgeskeep nie en daar’s genoeg speletjies vir oud en jonk.

The fires are lit early morning with the sunrise (usually around 5am), in preparation for probably the largest braai you will ever see. Biltong and Droëwors will also be available this year. Please do remember to wait for the Dominee to open in prayer before you start eating!
And what’s more, there are lots of fun activities to keep children of all ages entertained.

Sondag/Sunday, 26/10
Na die die Dankie-sê Nagmaal, wag daar in die Kerksaal ‘n wonderlike agter-oor-sit

After the Thanksgiving Communion, there will be a delicious feast served at the Church Hall - in true Karoo style and as a final occasion to say Thank You!

Moenie dit waag om dit dalk te mis nie…
Nie-Sutherlanders:  bespreek vroegtydig by die Gastehuise,
Sutherlanders:  begin asb bak, bou, in-lê, brei, hekel, ens ens…
ASB ons het jou nodig !!!!

Don’t dare miss this fun and exciting event!
Non-locals: Remember to book your accommodation early!
Locals: Get baking, preserving, crocheting….get ready…we need all of you!

Vir enige navrae kontak gerus / For more information, please contact:
Arrie by die Kerkkantoor/Church Office – 023.5711 043   OR   Anelia – 082 8099 869   of/ OR email
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Die program sal soos volg verloop:

Donderdag, 23 Oktober 2014:

08:00       Sosaties word gemaak by die Kerksaal
09:00         Verkope van bene by die Kerksaal.

Vrydagaand, 24 Oktober 2014:

16:30       Hamburgers, chips en slaai by die Kerksaal

Saterdag,  25 Oktober 2014:

08:00         Koffie, tee, pannekoek en braaivleis te koop
09:00         Ds & Mev open die Basaar
10:00       Verrassing vir die Kinders!!!
10:00         Veeveiling by die krale
15:00         Almal kuier nog heeeeeerlik saam …

Sondag,  26 Oktober 2014:

10:00         Nagmaal
12:00         Gemeente Ete in die Kerksaal


By: Jolene du Plessis | Published: 16/10/2014

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