At the Jupiter…Come as a stranger, leave as a friend…

At the Jupiter…Come as a stranger, leave as a friend…

As a traveller you should always make an effort to experience a new destination – like a local. From eating food, to sharing a drink and a laugh, to hearing some local stories… you have not truly experienced a town, until you’ve done these things.

There are a few places to pop in at in Sutherland (believe it or not). This small town does not disappoint when it comes to options for dining out. Of course you will not find a Spur or a Steers here- and herein lies the beauty – no franchise, no branding, just pure local restaurants and bars.

One such spot you cannot miss when in Sutherland is The Jupiter Restaurant and guest house.  For the coldest place in South Africa, this family restaurant is sure to warm you up! The Jupiter offers a lovely menu with variety and of course local flavours. Lamb, steak , burgers and pizza…and the best part about their menu is that it also caters for kids. This really is a family restaurant – with a jungle gym at the back (for those who will brave it in winter), a fully licensed bar and a cosy seating area inside with a fireplace chatting away in the background.

If there is a rugby match – you are sure to meet a few locals, demonstrating their best referee skills in the bar and after sharing a few moments, you are sure to enjoy some conversation and stories (and a drink or two) with a few fellows. The bar offers a wide range of options, and the coffee bar has some surprises (no baristas here, but more than enough options to warm you up)!
And if you don’t like to travel after a warm meal (and potentially a glass or two of wine), the good news is, you can also sleep over – as there are cosy, clean and warm rooms on premises. These comfy rooms have the basics you need and of course warm blankets and panel heaters to make sure you don’t freeze.

Morning is met with frost (in winter) and the smell of bacon and coffee…and how convenient to simply make your way and choose your breakfast at the restaurant…and if you are lucky, the kids can build a snowman or two outside.

But whether you experience the snow or not… You will still have a truly local experience and at Jupiter many a traveller will come as a stranger, but leave as a friend.

A few tips on dining in:

- When in a small town, it is always best to book a table at a restaurant in advance (especially in winter in Sutherland)
- To get anything to Sutherland is a mission – it is not en-route anywhere. If a restaurant runs out of stock, please be patient. It is not like they can run to a Checkers around the corner or a 24-hour BP shop. It really is hard to plan as visitor numbers are variable.
- This is not a fast-food type of town. Meals will most likely take longer to prepare than what you are used to – especially if it gets busy.  Rather arrive a little earlier and make sure to order some snacks for the kids to start off with. Perhaps ask how busy the kitchen is to get an idea of how long the wait will be (and order some drinks).

At the Jupiter…Come as a stranger, leave as a friend… At the Jupiter…Come as a stranger, leave as a friend… At the Jupiter…Come as a stranger, leave as a friend…


By: Jolene du Plessis | Published: 27/06/2017

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