Quiet time in Sutherland

I’ve been so busy with my little one, that I have neglected my blogs! But it’s a quiet time in Sutherland this time of year.

What has been happening in Sutherland lately, you may ask. Well, I woke about two Fridays ago, to the sound of shouting, screaming, hooting, masses of children’s voices - athletics. We liver right across the road from Sutherland’s school and it was so amazing to hear the energy early in the morning, reminded me of our days at school and the excitement surrounding athletics.

Otherwise town has been relatively quiet and I don’t have much to report on.

Things are happening in April, though. Two events on the same weekend - the Trans-Karoo Ceres to Sutherland Mountain biking event, as well as a motorcycle event. Will give you more information on both shortly. They both happen over the weekend of the 28th of April.

Of course Easter Weekend is picking up in town too, so if you were planning on visiting, start booking, otherwise you may be disappointed.

Another ‘happening’ to look out for is Country Life’s April edition (which is on the shelves in March already). I’ve written a two page article on Sutherland and it will be featured in this edition.

For now, that’s the only news I have, will do a proper blog again shortly. All I can say is it is a good time to visit us! Our evenings are cooler and days are nice and moderate, and it quiet in town - so you have the whole place to yourselves to explore.


By:  | Published: 15/02/2012

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