What are you doing here?

My newest addition to our team here at our coffee shop is quite young. She is turning 21 by the end of this year. Since I am also relatively young, we have had the strangest reactions when visitors enter our little shop – What are you doing here? In this town? But why? Read more

Growing green fingers in Sutherland

There is something extremely exciting about planting your own vegetable garden and seeing the produce finally pop up! Read more

The Miracle of Life

Life is full of surprises and with adjusting to a new town and starting a business, there are always unpleasant ones too. But this week the miracle of life, my first niece, has taught me how small little inconveniences in life are! Read more

I have been living in Sutherland for nearly three months and have noticed small things that let me catch myself saying, ‘only in Sutherland’. Read more

A new shop is about to open its doors in Sutherland. It will be the first of its kind in in this small town, targeting tourists and selling everything a visitor might want to take away to remember their Sutherland sojourn. Read more

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