Scenic Routes

The Forgotten Highway

This was the first main route leading hunters, explorers and fortune seekers from the Cape of Good Hope to the interior and the great north. With the advent of tarred super-highways, the route was largely forgotten until 4x4 enthusiasts led the charge to explore its extensive unpaved sections and started calling it The Forgotten Highway.

Heading out of Sutherland, take the R356 or, 26km out of town, turn right along a road marked “Posroete”. This takes you along the Nuweveldberge escarpment with spectacular view over the Swartberge.

Ouberg Pass 45 kilometres from Sutherland and 1 404 metres above sea level is one of the most spectacular routes across the Roggeveld mountains. It was picked out by pioneer farmers when the choice of travel was foot slog, horseback or ox wagon. Nearly 100 years later, in 1969, the first proper road was finished over the pass.

Other Routes

A number of other very scenic, although sometimes rough, routes exist around Sutherland.

One of them is the Kromkolk Trail via the Uranium Ridge Pass. Another is the Sterboom Pass route, which has spectacular panoramic views. Alternatively, take your off-road vehicle to one of the Banksgate trails and explore the heart of the magnificent Nuweveld Mountain Range.

For a less rigorous drive, head out of Sutherland towards the Skurweberg (you’ll see the sign about 2km outside town). This is a beautiful drive with sweeping views of the Roggeveld. 

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