Stargazing @ Rogge Cloof Sutherland

Stargazing  @ Rogge Cloof Sutherland

New at Rogge Cloof Private Nature Reserve, Stargazing every evening.

You are most welcome to join in-house astronomer, Lucas Ferreira at Rogge Cloof for Stargazing (Weather Permitting). Facilitated with several large professional Telescopes, one of them being an enormous 14” telescope.

Lucas will guide you through a tour of the night sky and introduces people to the beauty of the heavens. The tour is geared towards persons with little or no stargazing experience. His unique approach to astronomy brings you the universe in real time; this is not a domed light show. No funky laser show (well maybe just a little) or pre-recorded narration gets in the way of the pure enjoyment of the universe.

Lucas’ shows/tours through the night sky starts with a general introduction to astronomy and the constellations. You will observe various objects like the Moon, bright stars, planets, star clusters, Nebulae and galaxies.

Rogge Cloof invites you to come and relax with Lucas, as he takes you to the limits of your imagination on an astronomy journey you`ll never forget.
You’ll see more than just stars.

The Rogge Cloof Night Sky Tour is truly a memorable experience.

Please book in advance to avoid disappointment.
Rogge Cloof Stargazing @ : 023- 004 1161 or