What’s the nearest big city?

Cape Town. It’s 350km away by tar road.

Where is the nearest airport?

Sutherland has an airstrip for light aircraft, but the nearest big airport is in Cape Town.

Where is the nearest hospital?

Sutherland has a small local hospital. The nearest larger hospital is in Laingsburg.

What is Sutherland’s coldest recorded temperature?

Officially, -16 degrees Celsius.

What is Sutherland’s altitude?

Sutherland is 1 450 metres above sea level.

What’s Sutherland’s average annual rainfall?

Don’t bother to bring a raincoat. The average annual rainfall is a mere six to seven inches (152mm to 228mm) a year.

What’s the best time of year to see the wild flowers in bloom?

Usually in September and October, depending on when the first spring rain falls.

Is the Observatory open to the public?

Yes, they have a number of day and evening tours. You can book a tour through their website - www.saoo.ac.za .

Where can I buy wood?

All the local shops sell wood and most accommodation establishments provide a bundle of wood.